MACKIE SRM450 ตู้ลำโพง 12 นิ้ว 2 ทาง 1,000 วัตต์ มีแอมป์ในตัว คลาส D

฿27,900 (รวม VAT 7% แล้ว)



MACKIE SRM450 12” PORTABLE POWERED LOUDSPEAKER MACKIE SRM450 ตู้ลำโพง 12 นิ้ว 2 ทาง 1,000 วัตต์ มีแอมป์ในตัว คลาส D MACKIE SRM450 ลำโพง Active
MACKIE SRM450 ตู้ลำโพง 12 นิ้ว 2 ทาง 1,000 วัตต์ มีแอมป์ในตัว คลาส D

฿27,900 (รวม VAT 7% แล้ว)

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ตู้ลำโพง MACKIE SRM450 12 นิ้ว 2 ทาง 1,000 วัตต์ มีแอมป์ในตัว คลาส D ลำโพง Active จากแบรนด์ MACKIE


SRM Portable

The Mackie SRM is the most widely used portable loudspeaker ever. It’s unparalleled ease-of-use, professional sound quality and indestructible portability has made it a live sound legend. Now with more power and flexibility than ever, SRM is the ultimate portable PA system.


The 1000W SRM350 and SRM450 feature modern tools like application-specific speaker modes and an automatic feedback destroyer, each with a single-button interface that gets you optimized performance in just seconds. And with the integrated 2-channel mixer, you can easily mix multiple sources. Complete your SRM system with the 12OOW SRM1550 subwoofer, packed with plenty of power and versatility to match SRM loudspeakers perfectly. The SRM Portable Series is beyond powerful and provides an array of modern features making these the easiest to use, best sounding SRMs ever.


The Mackie SRM1550 powered subwoofer is designed from the ground up to be the perfect match for SRM450 and SRMBSO speakers, delivering 1200W of raw power paired with a custom high-output 15″ woofer for room-shaking performance.


With optimization at every single stage of design,SRM delivers unmatched performance and unbelievable sound quality.

  • Patented acoustic correction algorithms
  • Precision 2-way crossover
  • Driver time alignment and phase correction


The SRM450 and SRM350 feature a powerful new 1000W amp platform paired with custom high-output drivers and Mackie Smart ProtectTM DSP for intelligent system protection for a solid, reliable PA solution perfect for your high-output application.


  • 2 Mackie Wide-Z TM inputs offer flexible connection options and ultra-wide gain range
  • Stereo RCA input for smartphone, laptops, etc.
  • XLR thru with source options for connecting to other speakers


Speaker Modes

  • Choose between four different speaker modes to optimize your SRM for the application at hand

Automatic Feedback Destroyer

  • Get rid of nasty feedback for fearless performance with a single button push
  • 1000W system power paired with custom transducers deliver gig-level volumes with room to spare

12′ high-output LF driver/ 1-4′ titanium dome compression driver

  • High-Definition Audio Processing for professional sound with unmatched clarity

Patented acoustic correction developed with touring geniuses at EAW®

Precision 2-way crossover

Driver time alignment and phase correction

  • Quick one-button Speaker Mode selection for application-specific voicing (PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist)

  • Effortlessly eliminate nasty feedback with one-button automatic Feedback Destroyer

  • Integrated 2-channel mixer featuring dual Mackie Vlfide-ZTM inputs

Handles anything from mics to guitars to mixers with a single twist of the gain knob

Includes stereo RCA inputs for easy connection to music source

Perfect for the singer/songwriter, plug in and leave the mixer at home

  • Smart ProtectTM DSP kicks in to protect your investment when things get pushed a little too hard

  • Monitor-specific angle and voicing mode perfect for cutting through on stage

  • Flyable for permanent install, both vertically and horizontally

  • Proven highly-durable, portable design

Acoustic Performance

  • Frequency Response (—3 dB) 55 Hz – 20 kHz [SRM350V3]

47 Hz – 20 kHz [SRM450V3]

  •  Frequency Response (-10 dB) 50 Hz – 23 kHz [SRM35OV3]

42 Hz – 23 kHz [SRM450V3]

  • Max peak SPL 126 dB [SRM350V3]

128 dB [SRM450v3]

  • Crossover Point 3 kHz
  • Disperslon (H x V) 90‘ x 80′ [SRM350V3] 90′ x 45‘ [SRM450v3]

High-Pregnancy Section

  • Compression Driver 1.4 In / 36 mm
  • Diaphragm Material Tltanlum
  • Magnet Material Ferrite

Low-Frequency Section

  • Woofer Diameter 10.0 In / 254 mm [SRMSSOVS]

12.0 In I 305 mm [SRM450V3]

  • Cone Material Paper
  • Magnet Material Ferrite

Power Amplifiers

  • System Power Amplification
  • Rated Power 500 watts nns
  • 1000 watts peak

Low Frequency Power Amplifier

  • Rated Power 400 watts ms

800 watts peak

  • Rated THD < 1 %
  • Cooling Convection
  • Design Class D


  • Channel 1

Mic-Line 8 Ohm balanced

1/4” TRS, Wide-Z” 1 M Ohm unbalanced

  • Channel 2

Mlc-Llne 8 Ohm balanced

1/4″ TRS, Wide-Z” 1 Ohm unbalanced

RCA 25 Ohm unbalanced

  • Thru
[Passive when the Ch 1 / Mix switch is in the “out” (Ch 1) position] [Active when the Ch 1 / Mix switch is in the “in” (Mix) position]


US detachable line cord 100 – 120 VAC. 50 – 60 Hz, 160W

EU detachable line cord 220 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, 160W

AC Connector 3-pln IEC 250 VAC, 10 A male

Power Supply Type Switchmode

Operating Temperature 0 – 40 ‘0

[extended ambient temperature] 82 – 104 ‘F

Safety Features

  • Input Protection Peak and RMS limiting. power supply and amplilier thermal protection
  • Display LEDs Defeatable lront power, input signal/0L, speaker mode,feedback destroyer on/ofl and active filters, system limiter

Construction Features

  • Cabinet Polypropylene
  • Finish Black. textured finish
  • Gnille Perforated metal with weather-resistant coating
  • Fly Points Three M10 x 1.5 x 20 mm [SRM450V3]
  • Monitor Angie 50′ [SRM350V3] 40′ [SRM450V3]

Mounting Methods

  • SRM350v3: Floor mount, pole mount or fly via optional bracket.
  • SRM450V3: Floor mount, pole mount or fly via three integrated M10 mounting points (using M10 x 1.5 x 20 mm forged shoulder eyebolts).

Physicai Properties (packaged product)

  • SRM35OV3

Height 25.0 in / 635 mm

Width 15.2 in / 386 mm

Depth 13.2 in / 335 mm

Weight 29 lb / 13.2 kg

  • SRM450V3

Height 29.0 in / 737 mm

Width 17.5 in / 445 mm

Depth 17.0 in / 432 mm

Weight 43 lb / 19.5 kg

Physicai Properties (product)

  • SRM350V3

Height 20.8 in l 527 mm

Width 13.1 in / 333 mm

Depth 1 2.3 in / 311 mm

Weight 23 lb / 10.4 kg

  • SRM450v3

Height 26.1 in / 663 mm

Width 16.0 in / 406 mm

Depth 14.8 in / 376 mm

Weight 37 lb / 16.8 kg


  • SRM350v3 Loudspeaker Bag P/N 093-024-00
  • SRM450v3 Loudspeaker Bag P/N 0002843
  • SPM200 Loudspeaker Pole Mount P/N 2035170-01

(3 x M10 x1.5 x 20 mm) P/N 0031943

  • SRM350v3 Bracket Kit P/N 0016404

Ordering Information

SRM350v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, US P/N 2042789-00

SRM350v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, EU P/N 2042789-01

SRM350v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, UK P/N 2042789-03

SRM350v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, AU P/N 2042789-04

SRM350v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, CN P/N 2042789-05

SRM350v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, BZ (120V) P/N 2042789-06

SRM350v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, BZ (230V) P/N 2042789-16

SRM450v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, US P/N 2042790-00

SRM450v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, EU P/N 2042790-01

SRM450v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, UK P/N 2042790-03

SRM450v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, AU P/N 2042790-04

SRM450v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, CN P/N 2042790-05

SRM450v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, BZ (120V) P/N 2042790-06

SRM450v3 1000W Powered Loudspeaker, BZ (230V) P/N 2042790-16





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