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JBL Control 85M ลำโพงสนามหญ้า 2 ทาง ขนาด 5.25 นิ้ว 80 วัตต์

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JBL Control 85M ลำโพงสนามหญ้า 2 ทาง ขนาด 5.25 นิ้ว 80 วัตต์ Control 85M Mushroom Landscape Speaker จากแบรนด์ JBL

JBL Control 85M

Two-Way 5.25 inch (135mm) Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker

Designed for outdoor applications, the highly weather resistant Control 80 Series Landscape speakers provide excellent full-range sound quality and 360 degree coverage. Designed to be mounted on or in the ground, Control 80 Series Landscape speakers can be used in a wide variety of applications including shopping malls, theme parks, sports venues, hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, hospitality and leisure venues, entrance ways, and anywhere a high quality music and/or paging speaker landscape speaker is required. Compact in design, the speaker is unobtrusive and easily blends in with its surroundings. A tough polyethylene enclosure resists abuse from lawn care equipment and the elements, and the enclosure color extends throughout the material so the speaker will maintain color even when scraped or scratched.


  • Components:
    • 5¼” highly weather-resistant driver
    • ¾” soft-dome highly weather-resistant tweeter
  • 80W Pink Noise Power Handling (160W program) in direct 8Ώ setting, plus built-in 30W 70V/100V multi-tap transformer
  • Tough polyethylene highly weather resistant enclosure
  • Fully isolated center chamber for wiring protection
  • High fidelity sound character with broad frequency range of 55Hz – 18kHz
น้ำหนัก 7.2 กก.
ขนาด 291 × 291 × 432 มิลลิเมตร



Frequency Response (-10dB)

55 Hz – 18 kHz

Power Rating

160 W Continuous Program (2 hrs)
80 W (320W peak), Continuous Pink Noise (2 hrs)
45 W (180W peak) Continuous Pink Noise (100 hrs)

Transformer Taps

70V: 30W, 15W, 7.5W & 3.8W
100V: 30W, 15W, 7.5W

Frequency Response (±3 dB)

65Hz – 16 kHz

Maximum Input Voltage

23.3 V


86 dB, 1W @ 1m (ave. 80Hz – 16kHz)

Nominal Coverage Angle

360° horizontal, 160° vertical (primary listening 10° to 50° up from ground).

Directivity (Q)


Directivity Index (DI)

3.4 dB

Maximum SPL

105 dB @ 1m

Nominal Impedance

8Ω (at 8Ω setting)

Insertion Loss

<1.0 dB at any tap setting

Thru Setting

8Ω nominal

Crossover Type

2nd Order LPF on LF and 2nd Order HPF on HF

Recommended Protective High-Pass

65 Hz for 8Ω operation, 24 dB/oct
60 Hz for 30W tap, 24 dB/oct
50 Hz for 15W, 7,5W, and 3.7W taps, 24 dB/oct

Low Frequency Driver

135 mm (5.25 in) diameter LF driver, Kapton™ former, 35.5mm (1.4 in) voice coil, polypropylene cone and polyurethane surround.

High Frequency

19mm (0.75 in) diameter HF driver Polyetherimide (PEI) dome.

Enclosure Material

LDPE Polyethylene plastic, 6 mm wall thickness, UL94V-0 rated.


Powder coated stainless steel.


IP-55 rating per IEC529 (dust protected and protected against jets of water). Exceeds MilSpec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature & UV. Passes Mil-STd-202F for salt spray. Enclosure UL94V0 rated.

Agency Ratings

UL1480, Transformer UL Recognized per UL1876, ROHS compliant.


Bare wire with dielectric-gel-filled wire nuts (internal to top speaker section).


Water ingress protected by two stages of gland nuts, one mounted on outside of enclosure (installed by installer via drilling 22 mm (0.875 in, 7/8 in) hole in any of multiple provided locations) and one between the bottom base and top speaker sections. Included gland nuts require round-jacketed wire with outside diameter between 4.0 mm and 9.0 mm (0.16” in and 0.35” in). For installation instructions see Installation Guide (# IS C80MLS).


Hunter Green, RAL6018

Dimensions (H x W x D)

432 x 291 x 291mm (17 x 11.5 x 11.5 in.)

Net Weight

5.5 kg (12 lb)

Shipping Weight

7.3 kg (16 lb)

Included Accessories

(2) wire nuts, (2) gland nuts, (1) right-angle screwdriver

Installer-Supplied Required Tools

22mm (0.875 in, 7/8 in) twist-type drill bit (or other type suitable for plastic) for installing gland nut into enclosure.

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สี Walnut
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JBL Control 85M ลำโพงสนามหญ้า 2 ทาง ขนาด 5.25 นิ้ว 80 วัตต์

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