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TANNOY VSX 10BP ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ 10 นิ้ว 800 วัตต์ สำหรับ Portable และ งานติดตั้ง (สีดำ)

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ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ TANNOY VSX 10BP 10 นิ้ว 800 วัตต์ สำหรับ Portable และ งานติดตั้ง Compact Band Pass Passive Subwoofer จากยี่ห้อ TANNOY


The VSX 10BP-WH is a compact 10″ 800-Watt passive band pass subwoofer that is ideally suited for a broad range of speech and music sound reinforcement applications in both fixed, portable, and touring audio systems. VSX 10BP-WH’s superb low frequency reproduction makes it the perfect choice for deployment in clubs, bars, theatres and AV applications.

Stunning Performance

A dual ported band pass system, the VSX 10BP-WH features a 10″ low frequency driver that provides extended low frequency response to well below 40 Hz – for chest-pounding bass. Fast and accurate transient response enables the VSX 10BP-WH Subwoofer to generate copious quantities of tight low end output that is virtually distortion-free.

Band Pass Enclosure Design

Band pass enclosures are extremely efficient, creating maximum bass output within a specific frequency range by increasing the acoustic load presented to the driver. The low distortion band pass design utilised in the VSX 10BP-WH reinforces the bass musical instrument frequencies, and steep cut-off slopes ensure an effective acoustic transition for use with full-range loudspeakers. A typical application could consist of a VSX 10BP-WH providing the low-frequency bass extension for one, or two VX Series top cabinets.


VSX 10BP-WH Subwoofers can be easily deployed in a multitude of configurations, thanks to the integral M10 rigging points and blanking plate for an optional VTH pole mount. For touring and portable applications, the enclosures also feature our Integrip handles, which are ergonomically integrated into the rear of each cabinet.

Construction and Connectivity

Finished in a hard wearing semi matt black paint, the cabinet is constructed of internally braced plywood and includes a rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille backed with reticulated foam. The rear panel connector plate carries Neutrik speakON NL4 and barrier strip connectors for input and link connections to accommodate additional subwoofer, or satellite full range loudspeakers.

Product Features

  • Compact band pass subwoofer for portable and installation applications
  • 200 Watts continuous, 800 Watts peak power
  • 10″ bass driver for extended low frequency system response to below 40 Hz
  • Low distortion dual port design for maximum sound pressure levels
  • Ideal for background music playback in clubs, bars, theatres and AV applications
  • Internally braced plywood enclosure
  • Finished with a hard wearing semi matt black paint finish
  • Blanking plate for optional VTH pole mount
  • Integral M10 rigging points for ease of installation
  • Integrip handle ergonomically integrated into back of cabinet
  • Neutrik speakON* NL4 and barrier strip connectors for input and link output
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.



System Type Subwoofer – Band pass
Frequency Response (-3 dB) (1) 42 Hz – 110 Hz
Frequency Response (-10 dB) (1) 36 Hz – 130 Hz
System Sensitivity (1 W @ 1 m) (2) 93 dB (1 W = 2.83 V for 8 ohms)
Power Handling Average: 200 W
Programme: 400 W
Peak (10 ms): 800 W
Recommended Amplifier Power 400 W @ 8 Ohms
Rated Maximum SPL (2) Average: 116 dB
Peak: 122 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Driver Complement 250 mm (10″) Bass driver
Recommended Crossover 80 Hz – 110 Hz, 24 dB / octave
Recommended Crossover Recommended high-pass filter 40 Hz, 24 dB / octave


10% Full Power (28.3 V) 2nd Harmonic 50 Hz: 2.24%, 100 Hz: 0.17%
3rd Harmonic 50 Hz: 1.95%, 100 Hz: 0.47%
10% Full Power (28.3 V) 2nd Harmonic 50 Hz: 0.67%, 100 Hz: 0.42%
3rd Harmonic 50 Hz: 0.57%, 100 Hz: 0.49%


Enclosure 61 litres, 15 mm birch plywood, internally braced
Connectors 2 x speakON NL4MP and Barrier strip
Fittings 8 x M10 flying inserts (landscape mounting, portrait only if ground stacked)
Fittings 1 x Integrip carrying handle
Dimensions (H x W x D) 300 x 460 x 590 mm (11.8 x 18.1 x 23.2″)
Packed Quantity 1
Net Weight (ea) 18.5 kg (40.8 lbs)
Shipping Weight 22 kg (48.5 lbs)
น้ำหนัก 22 กก.
ขนาด 590 × 460 × 300 มิลลิเมตร



฿26,900 (รวม VAT 7% แล้ว)
VSX 10BP ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์
TANNOY VSX 10BP ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ 10 นิ้ว 800 วัตต์ สำหรับ Portable และ งานติดตั้ง (สีดำ)

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