KANEXPRO HD-VTSC72-4K เครื่องอัพสเกลภาพ 4K Video Tiler & Scaler Switcher w/ HDMI & Click-to-Show Me controller

฿144,000 (รวม VAT 7% แล้ว)

  • ได้รับสินค้า 3 - 7 วัน (ขึ้นอยู่กับที่อยู่จัดส่ง)

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KANEXPRO HD-VTSC72-4K 4K Video Tiler & Scaler Switcher w/ HDMI & Click-to-Show Me controller

KANEXPRO HD-VTSC72-4K เครื่องอัพสเกลภาพ 4K Video Tiler & Scaler Switcher w/ HDMI & Click-to-Show Me controller HD-VTSC72-4K เครื่องอัพสเกลภาพ จากแบรนด์ KANEXPRO

4K Presentation System with Click-to-Show me controller and Scaling Processor 

The KanexPro HD-VTSC72-4K is a 7-input, 1 output to HDMI presentation scaler- switcher engineered to upscale HDMI / DisplayPort and VGA devices such as laptops, Blu-ray players and desktops to a true [email protected] resolution and creating a Quad Window experience in any collaboration space.

Inputs include 4 HDMI, 2 DisplayPort and 1 VGA with HDMI output. Compliant with the latest HDCP specifications, this Quad-Viewer can also be controlled via RS-232 and TCP/IP. It supports native 4K inputs and outputs with audio de-embedder and breakaway audio switching to support unbalanced stereo. Ideally used in collaboration, meeting rooms, classrooms and video conferencing applications.

Collaboration starts with a Quad-View Tiler 

The more screens that teams have available to share their work, the more they can accomplish. The vast majority of meeting rooms in the enterprise have only one or two screens available for sharing. This is a bottleneck to the flow of visual information and an inhibitor to collaboration. KanexPro HD-VTSC72-4K Presentation System removes the bottleneck by creating an exceptional Quad-view window on to one large 4K screen, simultaneously showing four full-HD content or with pre-configured layouts, one can just use the 4K-HD/ DP CLICKERs, IR remote, the front-panel buttons to quadruple windows, triple windows, double windows and single window to show their work.

Just Click-to-Show me your content

The switcher includes two 4K-HDCLICKERs, which are HDMI based cable controllers designed to connect and fast-switch HDMI source devices. When connected to the presentation system just click-to-show the content instantly on to the 4K display showing up to four different pre-configured window layouts. The HD-VTSC72-4K optimizes the way we do video collaboration and presentations. These 4K-HDCLICKERs product brings together people, space, and information to amplify collaboration, and help distributed teams accelerate innovation while displaying their content directly from laptops, DisplayPort and HDMI based devices such as tablets to the main display.

Stress-free Integration 

The HD-VTSC72-4K can be easily integrated with table or wall cable connection boxes by simply connecting our 4K-HDCLICKER in conference applications to ensure the team can visually focus on the work at hand and elevate the role of content sharing to one 4K Display. And it seamlessly works with any Video conferencing systems such as Polycom, Cisco, and Avaya.


Designed for classrooms of the future, 4K themed conference rooms, control rooms, huddle rooms and other collaborative spaces wheredigital and analog devices need to be switched, scaled and shared on to large format 4K displays. And allowing participants to carry their own BYOD devices to be connected to a Quad-View environment using the Click-to-Show me cable controllers.

  • 4K Multiviewer Switcher with integrated switching
  • Elite 4K scaling engine to support up-scaling & down-scaling
  • Includes two 4K-HDCLICKERS for “Click-to-Show me your content”
  • Supports Quad-View Windowing from 4 inputs
  • Multiple Inputs: 4xHDMI, 2xDisplayPort, 1xRGB/YPbPr
  • Supports HDMI, DisplayPort with input resolutions up to 3840×[email protected]
  • Supports multiple HDMI output resolutions: [email protected] &1080p/60Hz
  • Output scaler up to 3840×[email protected]
  • Lets you independently select the source to be assigned on any viewer
  • Incorporates DP 1.2a resolutions up to 3840×[email protected]
  • Supports MHL inputs via HDMI
  • Support auto-scaling by auto-detecting EDID from display to scale optimized resolution
  • Provides Break away audio switch
  • Audio embedding & De-embedding
  • Support auto-selection of active HDMI audio (high priority) or external stereo audio
  • Provisions unbalanced 7.1 analog audio or optical digital audio output
  • Control via front panel buttons, IR, RS232 & LAN (Web)
  • Easily integrates with any Video conferencing systems such as Polycom, Cisco, and Avaya
  • Integrates with table or wall cable connection boxes in conference applications
  • 1U rack mountable enclosure
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 3 –Year KanexPro Warranty

Supported Formats

Video Input Formats 1x VGA HD15 – RGB, H, V
2x DisplayPort
Format Compliance HDMI v1.4
DVI v1.0
DisplayPort v1.2
HDCP v1.4
HDBaseT Class A (Optional)
Video Output Formats 1x HDMI
Supported Color Depth 8-bit / 10-bit / 12-bit
HDCP Compliance HDCP 1.4
EDID Memory Advanced EDID Management utilities
Audio Input Formats HDMI and DisplayPort: embedded digital audio
External analog stereo audio: 20 kO impedance
Audio Output Formats HDMI: embedded digital audio
7.1 Surround sound (analog) audio: 20 kO impedance
TOSLINK: Digital Optical Audio
Audio Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Audio Sampling Rate 48 kHz, 8CH, LPCM
Audio Levels Stereo Audio: unity, nominal
Stereo Audio: 0.5 – 1.0 Vpp
Audio Delay Adjustment User-adjustable from 0 – 400ms in increments of 40ms

Inputs Connectors

HDMI / DVI Input 4x HDMI 19-pin female connectors
DisplayPort Input 2x 20-pin DisplayPort female connectors with locking mechanism
Analog RGB Input 1x HD15 (VGA) female connector
Analog Audio Input 7x Stereo Audio on 3.5mm PC audio female connectors
Power Input 1x IEC C14 power connector

Outputs Connectors

HDMI Output 1x HDMI 19-pin female connector
HDBaseT Output (Optional) Optonal, please check: HDBT-VTSC72-4K
Digital Audio Output 1x TOSLINK Optical female connector
Analog Audio Output 7.1 Surround sound (analog) audio on 4x 3.5mm PC audio female connectors

Scaling & Processing

Phase Lock Loops 12-bit, Triple-Analog-to-Digital Converter
De-Interlacing 3D Motion-Adaptive De-Interlacing
Pull-Down Automatic 3:2 pull-down and 2:2 pull-down detection and recovery
Noise Reduction 3D
Display Settings Output Resolution, Window Layout, Video Input Position, Aspect Ratio, VGA Auto Adjust
Window Layout (optional) Preset up to 16 different layouts under quad viewer


Front Panel 18x Backlit Buttons
IR Remote Control IR Remote Control with 19x buttons for control
RS-232 Serial communication, 9-pin D-sub connector
Ethernet Web-based GUI or Telnet


Dimensions (H x W x D) Without Feet or Rack Ears: 1.7″ x 17.3” x 11.0″ (0.044m x 0.439m x 0.279m)
With Feet: H = 2.0” (0.050m)
With Rack Ears: W = 19.0” (0.482m)
Weight 7.3 lbs. (3.3 kg)
Construction 1mm metal enclosure with matte black finish
10mm aluminum alloy front panel with draw black finish
Mounting Options Mountable Rack Ears, 1U full width


Operating Temperature +32? to +104? F (0? to +40? C)
Storage Temperature -4? to +140? F (-20? to +60? C);
Humidity (Storage / Operating) 20% to 90% (non-condensing)


AC Power Input: 100~240VAC / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 15 Watts (max.)

Included Accessories

1x External AC Power Cord, 1x IR Remote Control Unit, 1x User Guide, 2x Rack Mount Ears

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